So, who’s behind Mission I’mPossible?

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That’s me, Emily Vilcsak! I founded the program in 2013 after sharing my story about growing up with mild cerebral palsy. My family and friends have always instilled in me a sense of ability instead of disability. I’ve certainly been met with challenges having CP, but what I’ve come to realize is we all have a disability. We are all disabled by fear at one point or another that holds us back from our greatest potential and aspirations. I created this program to help students realize their potential, overcome adversity, and become leaders who are not disabled by fear. In the last 5 years, I spoke to dozens of schools and groups and was recognized at We Day Calgary in 2015 for the positive social impact of my program. In 2017, I was honoured to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal for my work with Mission I’mPossible as well my volunteerism.

Currently, I’m a second year Professional Communications student at MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. My degree is expanding my passion for youth empowerment and strengthening my skill set. If you’re interested in learning about my communications experience, check out my resume.