Logo_Blue (1)A youth empowerment program for grades 3-9 to help students realize potential, overcome adversity, make change, and become local and global leaders. Programs can be delivered in an hourly, half-day, or multiple visit format. Student materials, lesson plans, and follow-up resources are provided.

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iBELONG: Grades 3-7 Program

The iBelong program is designed to help girls understand the importance of appropriate assertiveness and having a positive self-image. This session activates a realization in girls about standing up and speaking out through directed discussion while learning the importance of individuality and using healthy methods to express oneself.

iBELIEVE: Grades 4-8 Program

The iBelieve program focuses on self-respect and confidence and discusses methods to overcome obstacles. This program encourages students to realize that being different is awesome. Interactive games engage students in an ‘out-of-the-classroom’ style of learning. During this session students will embrace the skills of what it means to be a leader.

iINNOVATE: Grades 5-9 Program

The iInnovate program helps students realize the importance of making a difference in the world with a creative and innovative outlook. The program focuses on staying true to oneself and discusses methods of ‘big picture’ decision making. This eye-opening session creates a realization that everyone has challenges in their everyday life and creates a deeper understanding of how to overcome these challenges.

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